With every available minute, RIECK locks himself up in his studio. Inspired by his fellow Dutch-bred DJ and producer Armin van Buuren, the Godfather of Dance, the producer has explored a lot of EDM styles. The sounds of live instruments are part of the identity of the. It Lovers of live sounds can count on RIECK to deliver beautiful music combined with EDM. The producer also lets the magic of true nature inspire him, by sitting in silence and listening carefully to the sounds that surround him.

Creating music is more than just a passion. RIECK believes his sound can help anyone through difficult times in life. Whether it’s about making a decision in life, or in music, RIECK fully trusts the sound that he has developed and knows that everything is possible in life, as long you believe in yourself.

In 2019 RIECK has released a series of songs as one half of the duo Timote & Winick, of which also the catchy “Brighter Light” featuring OMZ and an official remix of “Fearless” from Vessbroz, who they have collaborated with on a few songs which are to be released soon. With fans across the globe, RIECK’s unique sound is spreading internationally.

Soon this talented producer, hailing from The Netherlands, will be playing at the biggest festivals in the world, sharing his music with his fans, hoping to inspire all of them.